Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Practice Session: Sonic Blue Ford Lightning

Let me tell you, there is a whole underworld that many of you don't know about.  They spend hours collaborating amongst themselves, online and at organized events across the nation...They hide in their garages--tinkering, building, polishing.   No, not on anything illegal, but on what many of us see as nothing more than steel cages on wheels. To them, they are works or art. Yep, car and truck enthusiasts cheese-out big smiles being able to pull their clean, well-tuned machines out of hiding to see them gleam brightly in the sun.  Wanna make that smile get even cheesier...Take a picture of it.

Yep...Tried a new type session and I had a blast.  My model was beautiful, sleek and perfect. I didn't have to direct it, just park it.  I didn't have to worry about missing a shot, it stood perfectly still for as long as I wanted.  In fact, all I really had to worry about was the weather.  I also got to play with some really cool HDR effects since it is a very popular technique for this type of photography.    I was super silly thrilled to use the old Lorton Prison Maximum Security building as the backdrop. What an awesome location!   I think the only thing missing was a half-naked chick modeling on the hood.

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