Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 5/52 :: Marley 52 :: All Ears

Oh my girl's ears are one of my favorite things about her.  Being a Jack Russell Terrier, she's supposed to have folded over ears.  As you know by now, Marley doesn't really conform to the norm...Her ears rebelled in her early years and decided they would prefer to grow standing up.   In the Jack Russell world, this is called "prick ears", and yes, according to the breed standard, they are undesirable.  Well hogwash, according to cuteness standard, I think her prick ears should get her a "best in show" ribbon.  Those ears give her personality and is usually the first signals to what she is thinking in that cute fuzzy head of hers.  If the ears are straight back, she's giving the "poor me" look; straight up, "Full alert, something is there; let's go hunt!"; twitching back and forth with an intense stare is her "Are we going to eat yet?" look, while the one ear in each direction is her, "I'm confused-which way did he go" look. (See, she does take after her, mom).  

This afternoon, Marley was curled up and buried in the tightest little ball on one of our pillows. Despite her state of relaxation, those ears I love so much were popping up in full view to put a smile on my face.

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